It Pays To Share

Share fun content that you find anywhere on the web and get rewarded for it.

Our analytics track everything you and your team share, where it goes and who sees it to the ends of cyberspace.
Your worldwide viewing audience creates a ripple statistic known as your WaveScore.

As your WaveScore increases you earn CybrCoin™.


Whoever has the most CybrCoinwins!

As your WaveScore increases so does your CybrCoin Vault.

CybrCoin™ can be traded for online gift cards for most popular web shops.
If your CybrCoin™ Vault gets really big you can even qualify to participate in the ViewTrakr™ Corp Rev Share Program.
Trakrs that reach this summit are known as Surfrs™.


And now for the serious players!

Create a huge wave and cash in!

Once you’ve earned enough CybrCoin™ your Status changes to Surfr™.

At the end of each month Surfrs earn a percentage of the Surfr™ Pool profit share.

The more CybrCoin™ the bigger the share!

Game On Surfrs!



Power To The People!

Way to take back
what was rightfully yours.

If you build a network of friends, followers and viewers, shouldn’t it belong to you and be worth a little something?

Well here at ViewTrakr™ we say “Yes it should!”

Upgrade your system to Controlr™ Status and you push the buttons that control the ad-links on all the SurfrBoards throughout your Trakrland.

ConTrolrs™ own the cyber world they build.

ConTrolrs™ – purchasers of our ConTrolr Software control advertising banners on every SurfrBoard™ on their wave.


Light up your VPAKS and engage warp speed

A VPAK gives you 25 unique fully customizable web pages that host popular videos of your choice.

These web pages are called SurfrBoards. Your SurfrBoards will also display your personal profile and game statistics.

SurfrBoards are primarily video playlist presentations, made to look cool, be fun to share and to travel the Web forever increasing your Wave-Score and CybrCoin™ numbers.

Your start the game with 1 VPAC. To speed things up and add to your arsenal, you can trade CybrCoin™ for additional VPAKS™.

Get Cloned

Clone me and own me!

A “like” is real nice
but a “clone” is forever.

So what happens when you see a GameBoard that belongs to somebody else and it’s way cooler than any of yours?

You simply clone it and own it.

Oh yah… and trakrs love to get cloned ☺